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Chasabl has a new app

Great news! Our new mobile app for Chasabl, the largest social network for chubs, bears and chasers, has officially launched […]

Sorry Internet, Here’s 9 Actual Dad Bods to Admire

If you’ve been on the internet any time in the last six months (and let’s be real, if you haven’t, […]

Scientists Identify Strain of “Bear Flu” After Bear Run

From the Chasabl Fake News Network: Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta have identified a […]

This Rugby Star’s Chubby Boyfriend Makes Us Swoon

This week, Gay Star News broke the story that newly-out English rugby player Sam Stanley is taken–but his is not […]

8 Chubby Men Who Suffer from Missing Head Syndrome

Of the varied health implications that come with being overweight, perhaps none is more stigmatized and silenced than Missing Head […]

Downton Flabby: If Dame Maggie Smith Was a Bear

The following are actual status updates made by Chasabl members—with one small twist. We wanted to see what they’d look […]

16 Reasons Being Chubby Rocks

Being chubby rocks. I’m not saying that in one of those “try to see the brighter side of things” inspirational […]

15 Things to Never Say to Your Friend Who’s into Big Guys

We all have that friend–the one who, despite the best of intentions, always says something insensitive about your taste in […]

13 Signs You Grew Up Liking Chubby Guys

Being young is hard. Being young and gay is even harder. Being young and gay and into chubby guys, well […]

Where Are You Hot?

Ever wondered what city is best for chubby guys looking for a date? Or where the bears are? Or how […]