Where Are You Hot?

Via gifboom.com

Via gifboom.com

Ever wondered what city is best for chubby guys looking for a date? Or where the bears are? Or how you can discover chaser Mecca? Well thanks to gay blogger (and beefcake) Noodlesandbeef, we’re starting to get closer to the answer. After a long online survey of gay cliques, he’s turned all that data into a killer map.

This new site really puts the heat in heatmap. Enter your own type–using criteria like age, weight, height and hairiness–and find out which areas have the most guys who like you. It looks like the most chubby friendly locales are turning up as New Orleans, the upper midwest and the northwest, while chasers would do the best in the upper midwest and the northeast (something big is happening just north of NYC, evidently!)

But don’t take our word for it…

Check the map out now and find out where you’re hottest!




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