• Sorry Internet, Here’s 9 Actual Dad Bods to Admire

    If you’ve been on the internet any time in the last six months (and let’s be real, if you haven’t, you wouldn’t be reading this), then you’re probably familiar with the “dad bod” craze. Essentially, a blogger mentioned that she likes guys who are a couple pounds overweight and it broke the internet. Now normally […]

  • Scientists Identify Strain of “Bear Flu” After Bear Run

    From the Chasabl Fake News Network: Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta have identified a new strain of flu following a bear run this weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska. The new B4A5 strain is a mutation of previous flu viruses, such as swine flu and bird flu, and has been nicknamed […]

  • This Rugby Star’s Chubby Boyfriend Makes Us Swoon

    This week, Gay Star News broke the story that newly-out English rugby player Sam Stanley is taken–but his is not the typical Hollywood twink pair. Sam’s boyfriend is Laurence Hicks, an ever-so-chasable daddy bear who would melt any chaser’s heart. Props to Sam for having great taste! La spiaggia ??☀️❤️? @lorenzo_uk A photo posted by […]

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