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    Sorry Internet, Here’s 9 Actual Dad Bods to Admire

    If you’ve been on the internet any time in the last six months (and let’s be real, if you haven’t, you wouldn’t be reading this), then you’re probably familiar with the “dad bod” craze. Essentially, a blogger mentioned that she likes guys who are a couple pounds overweight and it broke the internet. Now normally […]

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    Scientists Identify Strain of “Bear Flu” After Bear Run

    From the Chasabl Fake News Network: Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta have identified a new strain of flu following a bear run this weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska. The new B4A5 strain is a mutation of previous flu viruses, such as swine flu and bird flu, and has been nicknamed […]

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    This Rugby Star’s Chubby Boyfriend Makes Us Swoon

    This week, Gay Star News broke the story that newly-out English rugby player Sam Stanley is taken–but his is not the typical Hollywood twink pair. Sam’s boyfriend is Laurence Hicks, an ever-so-chasable daddy bear who would melt any chaser’s heart. Props to Sam for having great taste! La spiaggia 🇮🇹☀️❤️👬 @lorenzo_uk A photo posted by […]

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  • Yün Cami Halıları

    Yün Cami Halıları Petersburg’daki State Hermitage Müzesinde sergilenmektedir. yüzyıldan kalmadır ve Pazırık (Pazyryk) Vadisi’nde bulunduğu için Pazırık Halısı olarak adlandırılmıştır. Daha sonra 7. Halı insanların rahat ve sıcak bir zemin […]

    kayıt fırsatı

    kayıt fırsatı Çeşitli kitle iletişim araçlarıyla “çok kaydol daha güzel olmak sizin de hakkınız” mesajı, kullanılarak içselleştirilmekte ve bu durum günlük gereksinimin bir parçası gibi sunulmaktadır. Genellikle yazılı ve görsel […]

    8 Chubby Men Who Suffer from Missing Head Syndrome

    Of the varied health implications that come with being overweight, perhaps none is more stigmatized and silenced than Missing Head Syndrome. According to a quick Google search of news sources, […]

    Downton Flabby: If Dame Maggie Smith Was a Bear

    The following are actual status updates made by Chasabl members—with one small twist. We wanted to see what they’d look like attributed to esteemed British gentility. We like to call […]

  • 10 New Animal Classifications the Bear Community Needs

    The bear community is a large animal kingdom, from otters (skinny, hairy guys) to panda bears (Asian bears). But what other animal classifications is the bear community missing? We decided […]

    They Met on Chasabl: Ciarán & Phil

      This interview is part of the “They Met on Chasabl” series—which attempts to document a cross-section of some of the couples who met through Chasabl. Our hope is to […]

    16 Reasons Being Chubby Rocks

    Being chubby rocks. I’m not saying that in one of those “try to see the brighter side of things” inspirational ways. This is not another Fat Acceptance article. And this […]

    15 Things to Never Say to Your Friend Who’s into Big Guys

    We all have that friend–the one who, despite the best of intentions, always says something insensitive about your taste in bigger men. They don’t mean to offend. It’s just that […]

  • 13 Signs You Grew Up Liking Chubby Guys

    Being young is hard. Being young and gay is even harder. Being young and gay and into chubby guys, well we were just special. Whether it was totally missing the […]